štvrtok 27. júna 2013

Vacation on your own

Avoid this year on your vacation crowded beaches and hotels and book your accommodation Croatia through the portal Adriaticana.sk. Small cozy apartment somewhere private, away from the noisy holidaymakers will make you feel like locals, and also the prices are much lower than in hotels or guest houses.
Two years ago we went with my family on vacation in Croatia for the first time without advanced booking through a travel agency. Our friends persuade us that get accommodation in place there will be no problem; we will find apartments at every turn. We decided to try and find out how much such vacation on our own is cheaper. After arrival to Istria, we managed to find apartment in a small town, far from the nightlife, but close to the beach, right on the 1st attempt at an affordable price. However, after a few days we decided that we would like to see more of the country and so we packed up and headed down south. Along the way we admired the incredibly beautiful view of the Adriatic highway, from one side surrounded by mountains and on the other hand, the endless blue sea with islands. We did not hurry with searching for accommodation, after the experience in Istria we thought it would be no problem. After dinner in the small port town we started looking, board accommodation were known everywhere, but after more than an hour passing all the accommodation croatia we failed to find any available rooms. Still was not too late, so we have decided to try our luck in another city. Again futile effort, all occupied. We could do nothing but go and look in other cities. After a few unsuccessful attempts, luck finally smiled on us and we managed to find accommodation in a house, albeit a little higher price than we planned, but had no power left for another search. Although we had planned to go on a few days later in the road, we decided to play it safe and stayed there until the end of our holiday.

Vacation without the travel agency have more charm than organized holiday but without secure accommodation in advance we do not go, you'd better choose in advance apartments Croatia, to avoid tedious search.

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