pondelok 17. júna 2013

Fotbaltour CZ

If you are a football fan and you would like to watch your favorite game live at the stadium, here I present you a company that arranges fotbalové zájezdy anywhere in Europe for great prices. Fotbaltour will sort out all the important things around your trip, all you need to do is get to the meeting point, have fun and enjoy.  The price includes ticket for a football match, travel insurance, three star hotel for as many nights as you wish to stay, a tour guide around the town before or after the match, you can also visit other famous stadium, you can also shop souvenirs, if you would like, you can also see historical monuments, eat at the best restaurants and visit traditional pubs and bars.  For zájezdy na fotbal you can travel on your own or you can travel with your best friend, son, brother-in-law etc. Fotbaltour can also set up a tour for work colleagues – teambuilding or bonding time with the boss as well, or even a VIP fotbalové zájezdy. Football tour is perfect also as a birthday gift or gift for other occasion from wife to her husband, or from father to his son, or girlfriend to her boyfriend.  Check out their website for more information today, book your desired match and just enjoy. 

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