streda 17. júla 2013

Return to Croatia

My favourite season of the year is summer. I really love traveling and each year I look forward to start deciding which new destination we will visit with my boyfriend during the summer. In recent years we have managed to travel across a large part of Italy, Romania and some of Greek islands. This year we decided that, as „the right“ Slovaks, we can not miss a vacation in the well-known and the most popular destination for Slovaks – Croatia. Even though both of us have experienced such a „mandatory“ Slovak vacation as a little kids, we are wondering if the Croatia is indeed such a beautiful place like everybody claims, or the high number of tourists on the Croatian coast is just because of a short distance from borders.

During our vacation we prefer calm and quiet places without crowded beaches and city streets by the other tourists and with it associated overpriced meals and drinks. That is the reason why we have searched lots of traveling agencies offers and have read loads of reviews during our vacation planning. Finally we decided to  find  some smaller traveling agency to find the right accommodation croatia for us.

We have discovered an online portal that is provided by Slovak-Croatian family and we immediately knew that that is the right choice for us. Their offer includes lots of apartments and houses on almost entire Croatian coast teritory. All you need to do is to contact them via web formular, email or by phone and based on your  requierements they will suggest you the most suitable accommodation croatia, as well as the places to visit in the area or good restaurants and services.

We are really looking forward to our return to Croatia after years and we believe that we will not be dissapointed by our accommodation or Croatian services.