štvrtok 13. júna 2013

Eating habits on a vacation

How many of you are cooking meals on a vacation and how many of you are eating in the restaurants? I was the one eating always in the restaurants. Lately I realized that if I make my own breakfast and supper, I feel better and I also save some money. Among other things, we are all accustomed to some our diet and changed the country and eating at restaurants can sometimes cause considerable stomach or intestinal problems. Not to mention those people who have celiac disease, intolerance to lactose and other difficulties, which are now widespread among people in our country and around the world. I am no exception. That is why eating well is very important to me. However, I am of the opinion that if you are visiting a foreign country, you should learn about its beauty, customs and culture, as well as food. That is why I have proposed an eating plan and I am trying to comply on any vacation.

How many of you have had a seven or ten day vacation and half of it spent at the local ambulance or just lying in a bed with pain killers? It is a very common condition for many people, because our bodies and our metabolism reacts to every change you undergo - internal or external. Changing the landscape, its climate, air and food, the time difference, even tap water - all this affects our body. If a person therefore weaker immune or susceptible to such changes will be reflected almost immediately. It is important that your body has enough time to adapt to these changes. Therefore, at least the first two days is best not try anything exotic and new to eat or drink. For many people has also showed allergic reaction, when they have tried for instance a new type of fruit.

Give space for your body to adapt to the new environment and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

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