streda 17. júla 2013

Return to Croatia

My favourite season of the year is summer. I really love traveling and each year I look forward to start deciding which new destination we will visit with my boyfriend during the summer. In recent years we have managed to travel across a large part of Italy, Romania and some of Greek islands. This year we decided that, as „the right“ Slovaks, we can not miss a vacation in the well-known and the most popular destination for Slovaks – Croatia. Even though both of us have experienced such a „mandatory“ Slovak vacation as a little kids, we are wondering if the Croatia is indeed such a beautiful place like everybody claims, or the high number of tourists on the Croatian coast is just because of a short distance from borders.

During our vacation we prefer calm and quiet places without crowded beaches and city streets by the other tourists and with it associated overpriced meals and drinks. That is the reason why we have searched lots of traveling agencies offers and have read loads of reviews during our vacation planning. Finally we decided to  find  some smaller traveling agency to find the right accommodation croatia for us.

We have discovered an online portal that is provided by Slovak-Croatian family and we immediately knew that that is the right choice for us. Their offer includes lots of apartments and houses on almost entire Croatian coast teritory. All you need to do is to contact them via web formular, email or by phone and based on your  requierements they will suggest you the most suitable accommodation croatia, as well as the places to visit in the area or good restaurants and services.

We are really looking forward to our return to Croatia after years and we believe that we will not be dissapointed by our accommodation or Croatian services.  

štvrtok 27. júna 2013

Vacation on your own

Avoid this year on your vacation crowded beaches and hotels and book your accommodation Croatia through the portal Small cozy apartment somewhere private, away from the noisy holidaymakers will make you feel like locals, and also the prices are much lower than in hotels or guest houses.
Two years ago we went with my family on vacation in Croatia for the first time without advanced booking through a travel agency. Our friends persuade us that get accommodation in place there will be no problem; we will find apartments at every turn. We decided to try and find out how much such vacation on our own is cheaper. After arrival to Istria, we managed to find apartment in a small town, far from the nightlife, but close to the beach, right on the 1st attempt at an affordable price. However, after a few days we decided that we would like to see more of the country and so we packed up and headed down south. Along the way we admired the incredibly beautiful view of the Adriatic highway, from one side surrounded by mountains and on the other hand, the endless blue sea with islands. We did not hurry with searching for accommodation, after the experience in Istria we thought it would be no problem. After dinner in the small port town we started looking, board accommodation were known everywhere, but after more than an hour passing all the accommodation croatia we failed to find any available rooms. Still was not too late, so we have decided to try our luck in another city. Again futile effort, all occupied. We could do nothing but go and look in other cities. After a few unsuccessful attempts, luck finally smiled on us and we managed to find accommodation in a house, albeit a little higher price than we planned, but had no power left for another search. Although we had planned to go on a few days later in the road, we decided to play it safe and stayed there until the end of our holiday.

Vacation without the travel agency have more charm than organized holiday but without secure accommodation in advance we do not go, you'd better choose in advance apartments Croatia, to avoid tedious search.

pondelok 17. júna 2013

Fotbaltour CZ

If you are a football fan and you would like to watch your favorite game live at the stadium, here I present you a company that arranges fotbalové zájezdy anywhere in Europe for great prices. Fotbaltour will sort out all the important things around your trip, all you need to do is get to the meeting point, have fun and enjoy.  The price includes ticket for a football match, travel insurance, three star hotel for as many nights as you wish to stay, a tour guide around the town before or after the match, you can also visit other famous stadium, you can also shop souvenirs, if you would like, you can also see historical monuments, eat at the best restaurants and visit traditional pubs and bars.  For zájezdy na fotbal you can travel on your own or you can travel with your best friend, son, brother-in-law etc. Fotbaltour can also set up a tour for work colleagues – teambuilding or bonding time with the boss as well, or even a VIP fotbalové zájezdy. Football tour is perfect also as a birthday gift or gift for other occasion from wife to her husband, or from father to his son, or girlfriend to her boyfriend.  Check out their website for more information today, book your desired match and just enjoy. 

štvrtok 13. júna 2013

Eating habits on a vacation

How many of you are cooking meals on a vacation and how many of you are eating in the restaurants? I was the one eating always in the restaurants. Lately I realized that if I make my own breakfast and supper, I feel better and I also save some money. Among other things, we are all accustomed to some our diet and changed the country and eating at restaurants can sometimes cause considerable stomach or intestinal problems. Not to mention those people who have celiac disease, intolerance to lactose and other difficulties, which are now widespread among people in our country and around the world. I am no exception. That is why eating well is very important to me. However, I am of the opinion that if you are visiting a foreign country, you should learn about its beauty, customs and culture, as well as food. That is why I have proposed an eating plan and I am trying to comply on any vacation.

How many of you have had a seven or ten day vacation and half of it spent at the local ambulance or just lying in a bed with pain killers? It is a very common condition for many people, because our bodies and our metabolism reacts to every change you undergo - internal or external. Changing the landscape, its climate, air and food, the time difference, even tap water - all this affects our body. If a person therefore weaker immune or susceptible to such changes will be reflected almost immediately. It is important that your body has enough time to adapt to these changes. Therefore, at least the first two days is best not try anything exotic and new to eat or drink. For many people has also showed allergic reaction, when they have tried for instance a new type of fruit.

Give space for your body to adapt to the new environment and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

MJA international language agency

Language training or learning is classified as lifelong learning. It is never too late or too early to start learning another language and everyone can use it everywhere, at any job, in all the countries in the world. Language study is great for all the young people not only to learn the actual language, but also to meet more people, make new friends, learn about other cultures and many fun and adventurous experiences. Some young people are still a little bit “lost” and they are looking for their own path in their life and such studies abroad can help them a lot to figure out what they would like to do and so on. People might also find that abroad study methods are different, innovative and unique. Learning a foreign language has increasingly positive impact on people and their future. Probably the best thing about language course abroad is traveling. There is such wide range of language training companies and the countries you might visit, e.g. USA, Italy, Scotland, London, Australia, Florida, France, Canada, but also Mexico, China, Chile, Cuba, and exotic countries like Ecuador and Peru. There are many more countries of course, all you need to know is, what language you would like to learn.
There are many agencies that organizes language courses, but if you choose international language agency MJA , you get the best motivation, experiences, results.

utorok 14. mája 2013

Traveling with reliable travel agency is very important

I am a photographer and I am usually very exigent traveler. I travel a lot for my work and also personally for my own pleasure. I take all sorts of artistic photos. Whether I take a picture of the scenery, people, animals or even interesting objects, I try to make the most of it in every picture.  I have already tried so many agencies for my trips. So far, I can truly recommend only one.  It is called TUI Reisecenter and it is known all over Europe. In its offer are so many kinds of destinations, that for the first time, you might even have a little bit of trouble picking just one. You will want to visit all of them at once. TUI Reisecenters offer includes the most beautiful beaches, city breaks, adventurous weeks, or adrenaline vacations. All of that and many more options you have when you choose this travel agency. It offers affordable trips all over the world. I think I can honestly say I have become better and more successful photographer since I make more beautiful photos and my boss is just amazed every time. I can really thank to all the places I went to, because taking artistic photos is much easier when mother natures gives you such views. I now only travel with TUI Reisecenter, I trust its services completely and I know, that I will have the time of my life once again and I will deliver the best photos to my boss. I am hoping for a promotion. 

utorok 12. marca 2013

Unforgettable experience

Live football from every trip we make an unforgettable experience. Under the motto, European football for Slovak prices enable fans to experience emotionally charged matches the electrifying atmosphere in Europe's top leagues to the world's most famous stadiums since 2008. fotbalove zajezdy The original company Come on football are three great football season have lived an amazing 130 matches with more than 500 satisfied customers.

We work hard and we look forward to every single fan that helps to experience and see his beloved team in action. Our satisfied customers become regular clients and partners. Their gratitude, encouragement and enthusiasm give us motivation to constantly improve and fulfill the dream other football fans.
In Slovakia, therefore, was the first travel agency focused solely on football. CK was founded in May 2011 with the aim of offering high-quality, full service soccer fans and corporate clients who want to visit prestigious football matches of the best European leagues.

Drawing on years of experience, we work only with proven and reliable partners, we have a sense of detail. We take care of everything during the whole trip and we are still with you to experience a carefree day for football fans home. With an individual approach to each client create the best offer according to his wishes and ideas. We specialize in prestigious matches in English, Spanish, Italian league and the Champions League. Our complete portfolio know of any other game tailored.

Fore more information check our website zájezdy na fotbal.

utorok 5. februára 2013

Methods to Make Sure Your Personnel Take a Part in Corporate Events

In addition to the lessons and regular things which happen during firemne akcie the staff must have an break with the purpose to revel and furthermore relax. Pleasurable tactics in an attempt to unwind and also learn akin to competitive fun in addition to perfection of communication understanding ought to receive at the least some hrs for the duration of any kongresove sluzby. Enjoyment is unquestionably the most ideal means for your workers to be informed in addition to bond while most company owners don't completely see and approve with that. 

A very much justified rest is beyond doubt needed for the workers to have an opportunity to be taught, and furthermore bond with the intent to connect better. Solidarity is actually an important part to maintaining a establishment booming today, and in turn through trouble-free along with entertaining endeavors you in actual fact will be able to assist your workers be trained precisely that. They have to comprehend that they would be able to frankly connect in addition to bestow feedback, and be instructed to solve problems, contemplate with one another, and also cooperate with each other. Together with the enjoyable games to be had are surely sporting festivals, hunts for treasures, trouble-free adventures, strategic courses, or even culinary training. A solidarity must be ready to commune as well as with these endeavors they would be able to get better their management, conciliation, contact, in addition to display expertise.
The playful means which your personnel can learn ought to be given attention to in so far as the upfront didactic fact while managing a kongresove sluzby. Your company is definitely going to be improved as a result of the copious games that may be able to aid with team building. Besides the greatest tutoring replacement a greatly wanted relaxation is surely offered to your staff by way of the magnificent firemne akcie.

utorok 22. januára 2013

Spectacular Accommodation in Croatia

Forget the typical voyage places for the jovial holidays this year and instead take pleasure in a fantastic innovative encounter via searching out apartmany chorvatsko in addition to benefiting from some time in Croatia. You are going to feel like a citizen unlike going to a lodge with the ubytovanie chorvatsko, in addition they are going to be able to be obtained at exceptional prices. You can certainly be acquainted with brand new folks since you are going to be able to have neighbors that actually dwell there in addition to a terrific opportunity in order to get pleasure from a scenic land. At the same time as forming lifetime friendships in addition to encountering spanking new individuals you are going to certainly benefit from the tastes, nightlife, plus sights, in addition to terrific overall environment through the jovial holidays.

You will certainly have the benefit of the vivacity of this land even right through the coldest winter season. The architecture is certainly similar to none other as well as the scenery is unconditionally stunning. A further dazzling thing is beyond doubt that it most certainly is the greatest holiday spot if possibly you definitely don’t get lots of money with the aim to spend for a X-Mas journey. Croatia give a lot of chances in order to have an splendid time even when you most certainly will not aspire to spend lots of money. Together with Germany or possibly United Kingdom, you shall obtain the matching if possibly not much better premium discotheques, cooking, plus attractions within Croatia. Loads of individuals just are not conscious of particularly what it in fact has to present and also merely have not established it in actual fact until now.

As opposed to getting a lodge room you can certainly only get apartmany chorvatsko which are as a matter of fact prepared in a modern manner all through chief towns and major regions within them. By way of the practical ubytovanie chorvatsko you can experience your escape on a citizen’s altitude.

Take Advantages of your Free Summer Days

You can benefit from your free days during the summer if you decide to go on jazykove pobyty abroad. Take various foreign language courses and thus discover the way to talk with the individuals surrounding you and to the customs if stay abroad for a longer time period.

You'll be able to run into unknown individuals and in addition pick up the essence through the various brief class opportunities to be had. It is a pleasurable manner with the purpose to bring some of the civilization and speech into your trip. Okay, while vacationing you shall visit the terrain, pay a short visit to the features, and additionally take pleasure in the cuisine, however becoming conscious to the language requires that you certainly be introduced to inhabitants. Oftentimes you are going to unearth ways to correspond with inhabitants for the basics like grocery shopping or possibly getting a reservation at a inn, however with the intention to if truth be told have the capacity to converse you will really should comprehend the language. Get ready for the excursion by means of several novice courses ahead of taking the vacation. Consequently, for practice at the time you in fact pull in book a quick course.

The fantastic jazykove pobyty v zahranici are able to help you to understand not distinctively the ethnicity but actually the verbal communication, implying it really is best no matter whether you are getting ready a extended visit outside of the fatherland or possibly a passing trip. It is without doubt a splendid tactic to improve you verbal communication understanding and in addition meet new people.

Explore Turkish Culture

You're going to be astonished by the things you will witness during your last minute vacation in Turkey. From the great refreshing coastal municipalities to the old-fashioned little villages to countries that appear as if time has come to a standstill.

Enjoy all of the characteristic Turkey boasts and various terrific manners to have the pleasure of it. In the case you are a history enthusiast, you most certainly shall benefit from the deep rooted background and additionally culture accessible all-around Turkey. You will be able to understand lots more regarding the people along with the ethnicity by visiting the various historically momentous sites and also houses of worship. Pay a quick visit to petite villages and uncover the way the populace have settled for many lifetimes with their customary culture and furthermore not including the contemporary appliances of our day. If you are a shopaholic, you should head to Istanbul. There you can have the pleasure of shore places with unlimited shops that are visiting by celebrities. With lots of astonishing clothing boutiques you are able to discover all you want with the purpose to provide your household and closet. With scrumptious food as well as engaging clubs there is not going to be a boring minute.

Find a dovolenka that will fit your interests as well as finances for the most excellent trip all over the Turkey. Take pleasure in sighseeing tours that will definitely offer you a glance into the traditions of the folks or can bring you updated with the hottest fashions.

Best Europe Places for Stag Do

The last weekend before your wedding should be spent in one of the top party spots in Europe - can you imagine a better option? Remember your stag party for a lifetime by organizing an amsterdam stag do. Any group will love the amazing opportunities that this city offers. Experience the Amsterdam city the way you never thought you could. If you are looking to experience a new place simply organize a Tallinn stag do filled with parties in the evening and culture during the day.

Though getting married really is great you will want to have a blast since before getting married this is your last vacation. Whether you are traveling with a group of friends or only your best friend you will have a blast in any of these amazing places. There are different options that can be organized depending on your interests and overall budget. With the many great location and activities available you will find something for the wild party animal and the more relaxed type as well. Tallin, Amsterdam, and Berlin offer some of the best party spots in Europe and with the wide variety of music you will surely find something to suit your taste. On the other hand, if you are looking for classy gatherings, playing golf with your friends or experience the delicious food there are plenty of options for you as well.

The ideal Berlin stag do can be organized in no time and on a budget to fit your taste. For a party focused on more relaxed activities book a Tallinn stag do. For a truly wild time don't forget the option of a Amsterdam stag do party.

Discover France Culture and Cousine

The advantageous poznavaci zajazd is definitely ideal for one of the most widespread locations - France. Decide on a sightseeing tour that could best correspond with your preferences. There are lots of things to catch a glimpse of within France. You can choose between a single or several sightseeing tours while on vacation to get better knowledge about the nation. Benefit from the copious highlights, tastes as well as the general ethnicity.
There is superb fine art and museums as well as spectacular tunes and mouth watering food that France possesses. Paris has copious museums that have some of the best artwork in the world. You won't miss a thing with your tour guide whilst enjoying artwork by some of the most famous artists throughout history. Other tours available will take you most certainly through the different parts of France and offer a preference of the cuisine that is considered as one of the best in the world. You can fill your closet with the most fashionable clothes and accessories today by taking a shopping tour of a solitary of the most famous locations for shopping. Learn about the history and people whilst enjoying the delicious foodstuff, tunes, fashion, art and exploring the world known landmarks. France features the whole lot that you in fact need on your vacation.
To catch a glimpse of and truly enjoy everything there is to witness in France, check out the countless poznavacie zajazdy available. Don’t miss a thing whilst on your vacation and benefit from every second of your sightseeing tour whilst learning about the way of life and people. Through the entertaining tour options you can take advantage of the opportunity to get to now the customs and people.